Wooden Cutting Board & Countertop Care

Our custom wooden cutting boards and countertops are designed to provide years of service as long as they are properly maintained.  Follow a few simple rules and you will get years of daily duty out of our products.

1.  Never put a wooden cutting board in the dishwasher.  Additionally do not soak cutting boards in a sink of water.  The board will absorb the water and warp and crack as it drys.

2. To properly wash your wooden cutting board or wooden countertop use only water and anti-bacterial soap.  We recommend after washing to quickly wipe down your board with white vinegar, then sanitize your board with 3% hydrogen peroxide.  We do not recommend bleach solutions unless the solution is made directly prior to use. Never use an old bleach solution as it breaks down very quickly. Towel off your board for dry storage

3,  Oil your wooden cutting board and wooden countertop.  We recommend using TWG Brand Wooden Cutting Board and Wooden Countertop Oil and wiping your wooden cutting board or countertop down at least once a month.  All TWG cutting boards are shipped oiled, but require additional oiling over time as washing and use will remove essential oils from your board.  You can buy TWG Brand Wooden Cutting Board and Wooden Countertop oil from the TWG store.   Not all oils are created alike.  Some oils will go rancid.  Only use oils that have been made for or are approved for use on wooden cutting boards and wooden countertops.